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How to make a small room look big!

YAY! I recently moved into my new apartment, including a super cool new roomie, and I couldn’t be happier!
It took us a lot of Pinterest hours and browsing through interior magazines to get our new decoration on point. I want to show you guys the end result of my new, cozy home. In this post I’m taking you on in a tour of my new bedroom.

I’ve always lived in houses with spacious bedrooms, but this one is way smaller. So it was quite tricky to decorate, but I’m very happy with how it turned out. I didn’t want to randomly stuff my room with chunky, large, but necessary furniture, so I used some tricks to make my room look bigger.
Ready? Let’s do this!




A room always looks bigger when it’s painted white. This color goes with every interior style and is ofcourse timeless. That’s why white furniture is also the best option to use, I really didn’t want a minimal interior so I created a great combination between whites and colorful details.



As a crazy fashion girl I needed to get the perfect closet. But what a big bummer, I have too many clothes that would never fit into my new room. Tip: divide your clothes into seasons and switch your clothes every season.


Most of the times a closet is a big, bombastic piece of furniture. But I found the perfect, open closet at IKEA. I got an ELVARLI closet. Because it’s an open closet in which you can see the clothes hanging, you get a more spacious and bright feeling which makes the room look bigger! I also love the fact that you can decorate the closet with your bags, scarfs, plants,.. and make it look super personal and cozy.

A great tip for this ELVARLI beauty is that you can compile it all by yourself, considering your own needs. Just visit the IKEA website and create the open closet that is perfect for you.






Another piece of furniture that takes in most of the space in your bedroom is the bed. What makes a bed look really huge? The frame. So I said “Bye bye!” to that frame, to make my bed appear smaller.



I picked the perfect bed for my room, in which you can not only sleep, but which you can also use for storage. No need for extra closets to store stuff, just keep your essentials in the drawers underneath the bed. This makes the NORDLI bed not only super comfy, but also extremely useful. And I just won A LOT of storage space. High five to IKEA for this wonder bed. To make my bed look more cozy I added a BIG pile of pillows to snooze in.



When I got to the point of decorating, my biggest priority was to create a cozy feeling. I already had the perfect eye catcher with my blue velvet pouf and added some depth by combining it with two cool TILST carpets. The carpets also have blue details, so it was a perfect fit.



Plants are a total must when it comes to creating a great interior. They bring in the life in your room. I already bought a few, but there’s many more to come!

It took me a long time to find to find out what to do to fill in the empty space in front of my bed. But I found the perfect little YPPERLIG wooden bench. I Put some candles, plants, paintings,.. on it and this minimalistic bench turned into a master piece.


So here’s a little recap for my three most important tips to make your room look bigger:

1. White colors are a must, not a fan on minimal interior? Use colors in your decoration.

2. Find the perfect open closet, it’s open and bright and doesn’t fill up your room.

3. Choose a bed without a front or back, in this way you win a lot of space.

I really hope I helped some of you out with these tips to make your room look bigger. I gotta say, for me it really worked and I’m so happy with my new room!



#VINTER time!


Aaah the holidays, some are not very into it but I love it! Everything around me looks way more cozy then it did before and I love that I can spend so many cozy nights with family and friends. There’s always something to celebrate, rather it’s Christmas party number 3 or one week of holiday vacation. I just love #VINTER!

Wonder how I decorated my Christmas table? Scroll down to check all the details!


Ikea also loves to celebrate and that’s why they made a collection to make your “Christmas decoration” dreams come true. From Christmas lights to the coolest plates, this collection is so beautiful. What I love most about the #VINTER collection  is the fact that you can use most of the products not only during the holidays but all year long!

I picked a set of structured plates, in small and large. I loved that my small and large plates have different structures, this makes it more playful, so I did the same thing with my bowls. Cool right?


I don’t want my table decoration to be to colorful,  so to make it a little more ”Christmas” I added red elements. Little red napkins with a gold holder, candles, some cool Christmas themed storage boxes and glasses with a red xmas flower. Don’t you think it looks cozy?
I’m pretty sure that there are even more items that you’d also really love so go and check  the full collection,

I hope everyone had lovely holidays and even if you’re not in the Christmas spirit anymore, Ikea is always a good idea.

Have fun decorating!



Doutzen’s Stories meets fashion


Doutzen Stories has officially landed in all Hunkemöller stores and I’m so excited!
The new Doutzen Collection is a must have with a lot of cute items. From sexy lace to girly nudes, there’s something for everyone!

In this post I’m combining my new Doutzen Stories bralette with my COS costume. I created a classy yet funky look by adding my ( super soft ) fluffy red coat to give the outfit an extra color boost.



Lingerie shouldn’t only be worn underneath your clothes but it can also be perfectly combined with a beautiful blazer. Give the people a little peek, but don’t give them too much to look at.

I really loved shooting this look, its classy and sexy. Just like I see this new Doutzen stories collection! Love this collection as much as I do? Go to your nearest Hunkemöller store or rather stay in? Visit their webshop right here, have fun shopping!

You can also find the Dutch version on the Hunkemöller blog.






Pictures by Gonca Akbaba

Home inspo!

2018 is going to be the year that team Goldfetch moves into new appartments.
It’s super exciting and we can’t wait to share our new places with you guys!

The most fun part about moving into a new place is searching for new furniture that fits perfectly in your new home. During the lasts months we went crazy on Pinterest and found the inspiration we need to make our new appartments a into cozy and beautiful places.

We both want to create a bright place, with lots of whites. But it shouldn’t look to clinical so the cozyness is a very important factor. Color poppin’ details, plants, fluffy accesoires and cool art are a great help to create that cozy vibe.





It’s important when people walk into your home they see your personality. Therefor it’s important to find pieces that you really like and that can be used for years. We both already collected a big stock of decoration that we can use. So we’re super excited to start decorating the minute we get into our new houses and tho show each other what we’ve done with our new place.

When it comes to big furniture like a sofa, closets, tables,.. we think it’s important to wait untill your moved in. Then you can take measurements and you can buy everything in pieces and see if it really fits in the room. It’s no crime to buy some bigger pieces every few months, it makes the process more fun and personal!

So stay tuned if you wanna see more of our future homes soon!




All pictures find on Pinterest

xo Michelle & Lars

Golden hour





Golden hour in the city, the perfect moment to come outside and enjoy the beautiful streets of Antwerp. A little stroll aroudn the city goes hand in hand with a good outfit. This time we put our hands together with Zalando, our go-to online shop for Summer proof outfits. Reasons we love Zalando? Their quick delivery, the latest trends, discovering new brands and to get some streetstyle inspiration. For us ”shopaholics”, Zalando is our best buddy!

We both chose light outfits, Lars combined his Samsoe & Samsoe striped shirt with Adidas tracking pants. White socks, sneakers and some fresh new sunglasses from Polette were the perfect finishing touches. Michelle’s white trousers are comfy but still classy. To make her look more playful she picked a girly red top from Fashion Union and added some casual Vans sneakers. A must this Summer? Big, eye-catching, tropical earrings!


A special thanks to Irmy Coeckelbergs for the beautiful pictures. Check her Instagram  or website for more prettiness! And don’t hesitate to contact her!










Lars is wearing: Trousers – Adidas by Zalando //  Shirt – Samsoe & Samsoe by Zalando // Sunglasses – Polette Eyewear // Sneakers – COS // Watch – William L. 1985 //

Michelle is wearing: Trousers – Zara // Earrings – Sweet Deluxe by Zalando  // Top – Fashion Union by Zalando // Necklaces – Topshop by Zalando // Bracelets – Mya Bay  // Sneakers – Vans by Zalando //

Watch me!


In this blogpost we’re bringing you into the ticking world of William L  and combined our favorite timeless piece with a classy daily wear look.

William L. 1985 brings classy watches that are timeless, have a high quality and are affordable for everyone. The watches are very eye catching and quite masculine. But when you like something eye poppin’ on your wrist even if you’re a girl, just check their website, we bet you’ll find the perfect one.

Michelle is wearing the Vintage Style Chronograph which has a beautiful white back and brown leather strap, the perfect accessoire for summer. She combined it with her flared trousers and a poofy white shirt. With a playfull Clavin Klein necklace and soft pink bag a fresh new summer look was created.



Lars chose the grey Vintage Style Chronograph which has a super summer vibe. The coolest thing about Lars’s new watch? His personalized back detail!
For this post he wore his Maison Margiela jumpsuit, his Raf Simons x Adidas baby’s and gave his outfit a color pop with his new Von Jungfeld socks. The outfit brings everything together: classy, trendy and casual. Perfect combo right?

We both created styles that go perfectly together with the timeless and classy essentials of William L. 1985.



Michelle’s wearing: Shoes – // Bag – Zara // Trousers – Zara // Necklace – Calvin Klein // Watch – William L // Top – Zara //

Lar’s wearing:  Shoes – Raf Simons x Adidas // Jumpsuit – Maison Margiela // T-shirt – H&M  // Watch – William L // Leather jacket – Peutery // Socks – Von Jungfeld

Denim days



Summer’s in the city and having a closet filled with perfect summer clothes is a must. I always find it hard to find dresses that are comfy and well, fabulous. I fell in love with this stunning and super comfy dress from Twinset. I can wear this dress in Summer and even when it’s a little colder. Lately i’m picking out every denim piece that I can find, I think i’m my denim fase, again. Not only does denim fit perfect with everything that’s in my closet but I really love the color on me. In this post I combined the perfect maxi denim dress with a waist belt from Maison Margiela, in this way my waist gets a little more attention.

Perfect denim dress, CHECK. Summer plans, CHECK. Good weather, well most of the time..




Michelle is wearing: Dress – Twinset // Sunglasses – Salvatore Ferragamo // Heels – Kendall + Kylie // Belt – Maison Margiela 


Photography by Liss Awouters

Disneyland Paris 25



Disneyland Paris is celebrating it’s 25th birthday this year! What better reason to pay the famous park a visit? Let me start by telling you a little secret: I’ve never been to Disneyland before! As a kid I spent years of dreaming about going to Disneyland, but it never happened. Untill now! My wish finally got granted and I couldn’t be more excited to rediscover my inner child.





Together with my blogger friends and our photographer we woke up early to catch our TGV from Brussels to Paris. With all our chatting and laughter we were there before we even realized! By arrival we checked in at the beautiful New Port Bay Club Hotel. After putting on some Disney-appropriate outfits (Hey, we ARE fashion bloggers for a reason 😉 ) we were ready to discover the park!





I was truly amazed by how pretty everything is inside the Disney park. It’s fun to see everything you know from your beloved Disney movies come to life in real life.
One tip when you’re visiting Disney: take a break from all the attractions to see the Disney Stars on Parade. To be honest, as an adrenaline junkie who wants to try every roller coaster I wasn’t that excited to take some time off to watch the parade. But boy, I’m happy I did! My mouth fell open with amazement when I saw the first float passing by. It was by far the most amazing and magical moment of the entire day!




More into action than into magic? Then you should visit the Walt Disney Studios Park.
Here you can find some of the most amazing roller coasters, The sky isn’t the limit anymore. My favorite attraction, BY FAR, is the Hollywood Tower Hotel aka. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Be prepared to get the ultimate adrenaline rush by falling down 13 floors in the faded glory of this spooky hotel.





I could go on for hours about this amazing trip, but to end, here are some insider tips:

  • Hungry? – Go to one of the all-you-can-eat restaurants in the park, with a big variety of food. Just be careful going into the attractions with a full belly ;)- Get a breakfast for champs at the New Port Bay Hotel. They serve the most rich, delicious breakfast. You won’t be feeling hungry for a long time!
    Btw, keep your eyes open, you might see Mickey Mouse passing by while sipping your orange juice.- Have dinner at Walt’s. Enjoy some authentic food in the most luxurious and magical setting.
  • Wanna Relax? – Dive into the pool or get sweaty in the sauna at the New Port Bay Hotel. For the sporty types there’s even a fitness.- The beds in the New Port Bay Hotel are like small pieces of heaven on earth. crawl up under the blankets, hug your pillow and take a little nap. It’s Disney magic at it’s finest!- Enjoy the sun while taking a relaxing walk around the lake behind the New Port Bay Hotel. You’ll feel as if you are walking in a park in America somewhere.
  • You can easily take a shuttle bus from your hotel to the Disney parks. But by foot it’s only a 15 minute walk that takes you through the cool Disney Village.





All pictures are made by the talented photographer Irmy Coeckelbergs. Make sure to check out her page and give her a like!



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Blue Lagoon 2.0



Our previous post is all about the Belgian brand CKS and their new “Blue Lagoon” line. Because we really wanted to give this amazing brand an extra shoutout we created another more laid back look!

The line has sporty yet girly designs and is wearable for everyone! “Blue Lagoon” stands for feeling good in your skin. With pieces that are laid-back and look amazing, the feeling-good just comes naturally!

I personally love outfits that are comfortable but still look fashionable. And I found the perfect match in the ”Blue Lagoon” line. I’m wearing a high waist culotte, which is made from the softest fabric, and a white checkered long shirt, which can also be worn as a dress. Both are from the new line and they fit perfectly with the rest of my Summer wardrobe. I combined these pieces with my black turtleneck and Filippa K slip-on’s and created a minimal, comfy outfit!

You can find this new (super cool) line online! So don’t hesitate to do some shoppin’ cause if you use the code ”bluelagoon” on the CKS webshop you receive a little gift! And because Blue Lagoon is all about feeling good in your skin, ICI PARIS XL is treating you to a little gift as well on their webshop using the BEL-CKS.





Michelle is wearing:
Culotte – CKS // Shirt – CKS // Turtleneck-H&M // Sunglasses – Polette // Slip-on’s – Filippa K


Pictures by Liss Awouters

Blue Lagoon 1.0



CKS is a Belgian brand that you guys need to check out. For SS17, CKS launched a new line ”Blue Lagoon“. The line has sporty, yet girly designs and is wearable for everyone! “Blue Lagoon” stands for feeling good in your skin. With pieces that are laid-back and look amazing, the feeling-good just comes naturally!

In this post I’m wearing an eye-catching blue dress from CKS. I really love it cause you can create totally different looks with it. I combined it with my classy black coat, cool sunnies and my fluffy UGG slippers to give the outfit more edge. But the cool thing about this dress is that you can wear it open on some jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers to give it a more tomboy-ish look. I’m not a girly girl so this dress is perfect for me!





You can find this new (super cool) line online and in stores! So don’t hesitate to do some shoppin’ cause if you use the code ”bluelagoon” on the CKS webshop you receive a little gift! And because Blue Lagoon is all about feeling good in your skin, ICI PARIS XL is treating you to a little gift as well on their webshop using the BEL-CKS.

Feeling good already?




Michelle is wearing:
Dress – CKS // Sunglasses – Polette // Fluffy slippers – UGG // Coat – Monki //


Pictures by Liss Awouters