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This year I got a citytrip as a graduation gift from my parents. It was such a hard decision to choose where to go to. So many places, so little time…

I’ve heard a lot of fuzz about Berlin, that it’s an amazing city and a MUST SEE to discover! So the decision was made, Off to Berlin!
This city trip was intended to be a ‘mother – daughter’ getaway, but we doubled the trouble with another ‘mom-daughter- duo.

12065737_10207160336503986_4082119438514811387_n copy



The first thing that caught my eye in this city were the amazing graffiti paintings. On every corner and almost every wall you could find (properly done) graffiti. This street art is characteristic for Berlin and it gives the city a very urban and cool vibe.

If you’re in for a day of casual shopping you should visit Alexanderplatz, besides the stores you can find a few touristic attractions and some fun bars! Of course we also went shopping, girls will be girls…

The second day we discovered Berlin on bike!  It was a great experience to discover the city in a fast way. In a few hours you can see a big part of Berlin with a guide in your language!   After 3-4 hours we were exhausted and our bottoms were in a lot of pain (“Biking they said, it’ll be fun they said…”). But we were very happy we did the tour and learned so much thanks to our tour guide!

For more info and bookings  : Berlin on bike 



Shiso Burger
If you like burgers (who doesn’t?!) you should definitely pay a visit to Shiso burger! Not only for the best burgers ever made, but also for the amazing salads and side dishes. I orderd the Ebi Burger with black tiger shrimps, some sweet potatoes and a salad. Instead of sweet potatoes you can also order coleslaw, edamame beans or kimchi. Not only the food  is amazing, but the service is very fast and super friendly! Be sure to go on time, otherwise you might be standing in line for a seat!

Shiso Burger
10119 Berlin



Besides the Berlin Wall, there are a few other monuments you really need to see. One of them is The Holocaust Memorial (by Peter Eisenman and Buro Happold) in honor of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It was so beautiful and amazingly build, it reminded me of a maze. While standing there you really can’t believe the kind of horror that happened in the past.

Another monument you must see before you leave Berlin is the Brandenburger Tor. The monument used to be Berlin’s most important entry and was designed by Carl Gottard. During the day its beautiful but i loved it even more at night!



Being a tourist can be very exhausting, so after a long day of walking you should go and chill out at Klunkerkranich. It’s a big, chill spot on top of a mall. It was hard to find at first but after 20 minutes ( yes it was very hard ) we finally landed on this amazing roof! Besides the breathtaking view over Berlin you can enjoy great music, food and drinks! You really need to take time to experience this little paradise!

Karl-Marx-Str. 66



The Berlin Wall
You can’t go to Berlin without seeing the Berlin Wall.. When you know the history and the stories about the wall it’s such an experience to see it in real life. The part that’s still standing is filled with beautiful graffiti and symbols, it really makes you think about the impact it had. It’s just unbelievable. Throughout the whole city they made a line with stones to signify where the wall stood.


Café Cinema CC
If you wanna sit in a cosy café, visit Café Cinema. As the name already gives away the room is filled with big studio lamps and on the walls there are pictures of old legendary movie stars. I immediately fell in love with this place. It was almost as if I was part of an old movie while sipping some good wine.

Rosenthaler Str. 39
10178 Berlin–Mitte

After being in Berlin for only two days i really wanna go back again, so i already know where to go for my next holiday destination!
Oh yeah,  please don’t forget to eat pretzels ( everyday) yumyum.
I hope I helped you out with your next city trip location !



  1. nathaliedesomer says

    I will have to go to some of the places you described! Thank you for the nice tips! x


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