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Fetch the Gold

Hi, We’re team Goldfetch!

Some of you may already know us as the former half of lifestyle blog Just A.
But now it’s time for us to try something new and we’re very, veeery excited!


onzenaamWith Goldfetch we’re striving to create a platform where we can share our personal and unique view on subjects such as fashion, design and the newest hot spots.

We’re a creative duo based in the fashion-capital of Belgium,  Antwerp.
We’re both mad in love with fashion and continuously on the search for interesting new brands and designers.

vierkantjemichelle copy                                                                            Michelle

Sassy Since Birth.
’92. Scorpio. Photographer. Social Media Influencer. Bachelor degree in Audiovisual Technology & Photography. Queen of Guacamole. Straight out of bed -hair. Owner of many, many coats. Loves everything fluffy. Secretly wants to win an Oscar

vierkantjelars copy


Solemnly swear I’m up to no good.
’92. Libra. Student Fine Arts – Jewelry Design. Aspiring Stylist. PR- interests. Brony. Profound love for anything black. Loves everything minimal. Secret love for glitter. Emma Watson is life. Secretly wanting a reality show.

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