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One of the things we are very excited about to share with you guys are creative and talented designers/artists! That’s why we wanna introduce you to inspirational people who really take design to a next and personal level!

PJ MARES  is definitly one of those incredible designers!
If you are searching for a timeless interior piece  PJ MARES is the brand to go to! The two creative minds behind this amazing brand are Peter-Jan Scherpereel and Tom Mares. They are inspired by materials that become more beautiful by age ( marble, leather, wood,.. ) which turns their furniture into timeless pieces!


PJ MARES believes that spaces are meant to be completely adjusted to the people who are living in them. That’s why they make custom designs for every space, which gives you the chance to have a stunning and perfectly fitted PJ MARES piece specially made for you!

IMG_6696         IMG_7901

Michelle discovered PJ MARES while making pictures for them during her internship at Oona Antwerp. When we first saw their designs it gave us a 70’s vibe, but with a modern twist. We personally love the designs of these two creative minds because of the simplicity and the natural, warm feeling you get when you see it.



We think this duo is really one of Belgium’s best and new upcoming designers. So now you know where to go when you’re in need of some beautiful new designs!

More info :
Website  PJ MARES
Facebook  PJ MARES

All Pictures by Michelle Serdons

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