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H&M x Balmain

Every year everybody’s secretly waiting for H&M to announce their newest collab with an amazing designer! And when they dropped the “Balmain Bomb” I was super excited! Balmain is a brand that I definitly want to see hanging in my closet, but sadly enough money doesn’t grow on tree’s. So thanks to H&M I got a little piece of Balmain hanging in my closet (a beautiful fluffy faux fur coat).

Balmain History

The fashion label was founded by Pierre Balmain and he released his first collection in 1945. Balmain had always set extremely high standards for couture. He believed in fashion that exuded elegance and simplicity and would stand the test of time and created pieces that would universally celebrate the human form. He wanted to create easy and glamorous looks that radiated style. In 2011 Olivier Rousteing (who we know from his amazing jawline and very kissable lips) became head designer of Balmain and created the beautiful collection for H&M!

5 copy

3 copy

1 copy
deezPictures by :  Alana Clemens 

Balmain SS16

Rousteing loves to celebrate the cult of the curve with his cut-outs, spandex strappings and showing models with (more) feminine bodies. ”I’m trying to show that women are women ..”HOORAY for curves!

In his SS16 collection Rousteing tried an other color palette: beige and chocolate. He puts ruffles into his designs and adds much more suede than normally. I really love the collection and the matches between the camel colors and bright blue ones. He really puts the female curves as a top priority with his sexy body con style!



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