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Corten is an ecologically friendly chair designed by Michelle Janssen.
Michelle recently graduated as a Master in Interior Design at the University of Antwerp.
She manufactured the frame from one metal tube that she got at a factory. Therefor the length of the production process was double as fast than normal and there were less welding points needed!

By making these choices it was possible to create a chair that costs less than €10 in the purchase of raw materials. PLUS it’s 100% ecological!

Except for  the ecological friendliness there are other important functions of Corten, such as the material used to bind the open, steel frame together. She searched for materials strong enough to hold the force of the open structure (which was found through a company in Belgium that annually produces 7.5 tons of conveyor waste)


Interesting side note: This company has to pay to deposit their waste abroad. So Michelle realized  that their ‘waste’ was a gold mine for her, and she could gather all the materials to get Corten realized.

Throughout the development process Michelle experimented with several conveyor belts, which are easily replaceable!
It comes in many different shapes and colors. The end result is a chair with an industrial character that is incorporated with elegance from the shape of the open frame.


With this design Michelle won 2 awards! The first one was for best ecological design and the second one was for best upcoming talent in furniture for students. Talking about some real #GirlPower here!


We are madly in love with the design of Corten and can totally see it as a part of our own interior. The fact that it’s a 100% ecological chair with great quality and low cost is pretty genius! We wish Michelle nothing but the best, but we’re certain she will have a successful and blossoming career. And we can’t wait to get our hands on that chair!
For more info
Corten facebook

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