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The Boyfriend Sweater



A few weeks ago I bought this comfy boyfriend sweater, perfect for every day use. I combined it with my over knee boots from Even & Odd that I found at Zalando. I just could not resist these black beauties. This is a perfect laid back yet girly outfit for warmer days. Take it from me and do not wear this outfit without stockings during this weather, I almost froze my legs off during this shoot, but hey we love the results 😉
I gave my outfit some finishing touches with my “Hey captain!”-hat and my favorite bag.

Not really into this more girly approach? Wear it with your favorite jeans, leather pants or wear some baggy pants underneath it to create a cooler look.

Five reasons the buy a boyfriend sweater:
1. It’s super comfy
2. You can crawl into it and take a nap at any moment (very handy)
3. Make the boyfriend jealous (he secretly wants it to)
4. Create the perfect outfit in no time
5. You’ll be in sweater heaven


Sweater – H&M // Over knee boots – Even&Odd // Bag – Zara // Captain hat – H&M 

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