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Rick Owens x Adidas



Kimono – Asos // Pants – Uniqlo // Sneakers – Rick Owens x Adidas

Let’s start with a small story: a little while ago I was walking around in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Suddenly my eyes got caught by something magical. I saw a glimpse of perfection through a shop window. When I walked in I saw a pair of Rick Owens x Adidas sneakers and it was love at first sight!

This beautiful fairytale changed in to a horror story very quickly when I discovered the price tag. I realised I would never ever own these sneakers unless I would become a homeless guy living under a bridge.

For months they haunted my dreams, untill one day I decided to turn to the internet. I spent an entire night surfing through different sites and webshops when I found out that put them on sale (for a slightly more reasonal price). So I counted my savings from the previous months, ordered them, and lived for the rest of the month on water and bread. But I must admit, I never had a single regret! So the love story continues…

For this Blogpost I combined my sneakers with an Asos Kimono (on sale now!) and Uniqlo pants.

Ooh yeah, I don’t want to get you into any trouble, but the new Rick Owens x Adidas summer editions are also to die for! Go check it out here.

Pictures by Alana Clemens

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