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At Goldfetch we love to combine cool outfits with clean pictures. So after a little search our friend/photographer and I ended up in a mini art gallery which created the perfect balance between my sporty outfit and the minimal we love to represent.

A lot of people know that my annual sweater fase starts around November and ends in April. So every year a lot of new sweaters end up in my closet. This one is my last new catch!
I got it at Design Universe App I really love the fabric because of it’s thickness and good quality. It looks like a normal sweater but it’s all in the details with this one. The arms are finished off with a see through fabric which gives it an extra dimension.



What about the cap? Lately you can spot all kinds of different caps in a wide range of colors and i absolutely love it!
I got this Adidas cap at Zalando and I wear it all the time. There are a few very positive points to having a cap:
– You can go incognito and face the world ( add sunglasses for a more dramatic effect)
– VERY handy for bad hair days
– To make your look more sporty
– If you just wanna put something on your head

Still not convinced? Just go for it, success guaranteed.

Photography by Liss Awouters




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