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Are you a crazy deco fan? You can’t stop searching for cool and unique pieces that fit perfectly in your interior? Then keep on reading…

Roomin’ is an online interior design platform where you can get inspired by different designers and create your dream home! It’s a little bit like Pinterest but you don’t only get inspiration, you also get the full story of your favorite designers and every picture is especially chosen by the Roomin’-team. They handpick inspirational interiors, photograph them and tell the story behind it. You can filter their photos according to your favorite colour, room or style. That way a cozy new couch is just one click away. Log in, go crazy and get inspired!


This new concept needed more than just an online platform so they created a real life experience. Roomin’ also works as an offline platform, where once every six months they go to a different city where they decorate and furnish an entire apartment. They started off in Antwerp, where they decorated an apartment filled with furniture and deco that we can only dream of. Yes we we’re in love with the apartment!


We got invited for a lovely diner in the Roomin’ apartment and just loved everything about this place. From the wall decoration in the living room to the big bath tub in the bathroom. After a full tour we got served yummy food by Smartmat and had so much fun with our fellow bloggers.


You can still visit the Roomin’ apartment until the 19th of June.

St. Vincents
 Kleine Markt 13
2000 Antwerpen.

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