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Summer in Berlin


Citytrips are always a good idea. Not only for discovering new places but also to clear your head. Two weeks ago I took a flight together with one of our best friends Anne to Berlin (yes again). Last time when I was given a ticket to Berlin as a present I really lost my heart there. Now I was ready for a little bit of Summer in Berlin.


Hackesche Höfe


Because Anne had never been to Berlin we needed to see the well known touristic spots, like the Brandenburger Tor, the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust monument and the Berliner Dom. They were as pretty as I remembered. The fun thing about being in a city you’ve been before is that you can discover more spots which aren’t touristic. So don’t hesitate to visit a city twice. Last time I really loved Hackesche Höfe, a street filled with graffiti art en chill spots.


Berlin Wall


When we arrived we went straight to Burgermeister to eat the best burgers of Berlin. And daaamn they are not lying, talking about a good burger! After our stomach was filled we visited the Berlin Wall and the Berliner dom, thanks to an amazing sunset the builings looked even more beautiful then before.


Berliner Dom, Lustgarden in Mitte


Day two started with a grey sky, some rain and a yummy pretzel on the subway! We traveled through Berlin with the S-Bahn, which is only €7.20 for one day and very easy to use. We saw the beautiful Brandenburger Tor which you can find on the Pariser Platz, if you go right behind this monument you can find the Holocaust monument. Which looked even more impressive on a cloudy day. In the afternoon we strolled along vintage shops in search of DUDU, a well known sushi restaurant. The terras of DUDU is filled with plants, lanterns, flowers and modern furniture. And the food? Well I love sushi and this was the most amazing sushi I’ve ever had! And the fun part, it’s not expensive at all.
berlijn13Brandenburger Tor, Pariser PlatBerlijn22.jpgberlijn7
Holocaust monument

The few days we were in Berlin we didn’t really have sunny weather but we didn’t mind. When visiting so many places in one day it’s not so much fun when it’s really hot. So our last day was no exception for the clouds above us. We slept quite long on the last day and went straight to the Berlin Zoo, well not the zoo itself but the hudge building right next to it. On the rooftop we had a lovely three course lunch at NENI Berlin with an amazing view over the whole zoo. The best thing you can do when going to NENI is to make a reservation, you get amazing food for a very good price and an amazing view!

And the best thing to do after a good lunch? Drinking cocktails! On the other side of the rooftop you can find the Monkey Bar, they serve the best cocktails this time with view on the monkeys in the zoo below.
NENI BerlinBerlijn3
Monkey Bar

After my second trip to Berlin I can honestly say that I’ll be back soon. Oh and I still don’t speak German very well, but I know how to order food so Ican defenitely survive! I also want to thank Anne for the fun few days and for being my German-speaking buddy.

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