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Goldfetch x Polette



As most of you already know we both wear glasses frequently. Not only as a fashion statement but also because our sight (sadly) isn’t that good. Therefore we couldn’t be more happy then when we got the opportunity to do a collaboration with Polette.

Polette is an international online optician, founded in France and also the French market leader. They offer hundreds of design frames for very affordable prices. These low prices are made possible because Polette is the only part between the factory and the costumer in the production process. This is of course without compromise on quality.




While we were hunting for the perfect pair of glasses on their website, we discovered the possibilities were endless. For each frame you can choose between optical glasses or a variety of colored glasses to turn your frame into sunglasses. We had a hard time deciding which frame to pick. But the fun part is: since the prices are so affordable (starting from EUR 9.99) you can easily order more than one frame and match them accordingly to your outfit.

We were both seduced by the transparent frames in acetate. So Michelle went for the Brooklyn Trans, while Lars opted for the Délice Trans. Making an order at Polette is super easy. If you have questions about your optical glasses, they have a very responsive and helpful helpdesk. After we made our order we received our glasses within 10 days at home.




Make sure to check out their website, there’s a perfect pair of glasses waiting for you:


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