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Blue Parrot



For me summer vacation equals hot weather, beachin’ and relaxing to the fullest. This year I visited Albufeira, Portugal. Weeks before the adventure I started packing and picked out outfits to survive the hot weather.
When I’m on vacay I really need clothes that are comfy and still look great! I love this white dress from Zara. It’s the perfect length for me, not too short, not too long and it can be worn at every occasion. To give my white outfit a boost I put on my colorful Rarámuri Sandals.





” There is a Rarámuri spirit in all of us.”

A few weeks ago I got in touch with Edel Van Riet, the founder of Rarámuri Sandals. He told me the story behind these beautiful sandals and I really wanted to share this story you guys too. Edel Van Riet is a teacher and a big adventurer. When he was hiking through the mountains in Mexico he ended at an Indian tribe, he was immediatly fascinated by the people and their creativity.

They called themselves The Rarámuri which means ‘Those with light feet’ and created their own footwear. How? Well they use a piece af car tire and wrap it around their feet with ribbons. Talking about being creative! When Edel returned from his journey, He was so inspired by the Rarámuri and created his own fashionable sandals.

The sole is made from recycled leather and volcanic rubber which you can combine with ribbons in cool colors and fresh prints. I chose the Blue Parrot ribbon cause it has that summer vibe written all over it and it can be worn with alot of my outfits. The quality of the sandals are amazing and you can tie the ribbon in alot of different ways!

I really loved the story behind this product so don’t hesitate and pick your favorite sandal and ribbon on their website right here.






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