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Summer is almost over but I’m pretty sure that a ton of people are still in need of sunshine, beach and cocktails. Can’t decide where you’ll be chillin’ in the next couple of weeks? Here’s a great tip: Albufeira, Portugal.
Albufeira is in the south of Portugal in the Faro district. It’s known for its beautiful beaches, rocky landscape and hot weather. We booked a cool 4 person apartment at Golden Beach Apartments through, with an ocean view, airco and a pool with cocktailbar. Who wouldn’t be happy?


Go-go’s in Albufeira

Dolphin and cave watching. With a 2,5 h boattrip you visit the most beautiful caves and the amazing coastline of Algarve. We went across the most visited cave and jumped into the clear blue water next to the ”Submarine” rock. They say that The Beatles got inspired by this rock to created their song ‘‘ Yellow submarine”. Yeah, some tourists really believed this tale… After seeing a ton of tiny beaches we finally saw some wild dolphins!
You can book your trip at the Albufeira Marine.



If you really want to get the Portugal vibe you should vistit Old town Albufeira. It’s super cozy and perfect for an afternoon stroll. You can find tiny markets, yummy restaurants and ofcourse the typical tourist shops. At night we chilled at the Old town beach with cocktails, perfect to end an other sunny day.
In the mood for a party? You can maybe visit The Strip, we didn’t party so I have no clue how the clubs were but I can tell you, there were A LOT of Dutch people. Kinda felt like walking into Holland itself.



With an apartment and kitchen to use we sometimes cooked at home but most of the time we went out to discover the Portugese dishes. One of the best plates we had all week was at Stews and more a new restaurant with very friendly and passionate hosts: Nuno and Nathalie. As the name of the restaurant already says, you can get stews with Portuguese and Dutch influences. This because the cook itself was a Dutch lady with amazing cooking skills! They use their family receipies to create the delicious meals they serve, a perfect combo between Portuguese and Dutch dishes. From the goulash to the tuna steak, every dish was outstanding.


After sitting in the sun all day and alot of sight-seeing, walking back to the apartment was quite a task. So we used the Tuk-tuk, best thing ever! Windy, fun and not exhausting at all! #Tuktuklife. Going on a vacay with two couples (and le boyfriends cousin for 3 days) was so much fun. With the boys playing in the water and us girls working on our tan, our much needed chill vacation was a great succes.
Thank you guys for the amazing vacation!


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