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A ka so



Recently we were invited for a cozy dinner with friends to talk about/get to know the brand Akaso. We couldn’t help but being very excited: the minimalistic, sleek esthetique combined with an inspiring background story. So we couldn’t wait to tell you guys some more about it. 




Akaso comes from the Italian ‘a caso’, which means ‘by coincidence’. Coincidence is an important factor on how Philippe Vertriest, founder of Akaso, started his brand. As a father of two Ethiopian born daughters he came across the book ‘Painted Bodies’ about African body painting art. That’s how he got to the idea of making a brand in which he could unite Belgian Akaso designers with the Kara tribe in Ethiopia.





The people from the Kara tribe are known for their tribal, abstract body painting art. They paint on skin with the earth as a palette. Philippe organised workshops where six young male and female body painting artists from the Kara tribe could co-create with the two Belgian designers. Like the print on the sweater that Michelle is wearing was created by a little girl and is about friendship. The brand’s identity consists of a fusion between Africa’s oldest art forms and an urban contemporary spirit.




For more info or to shop their collection, definitely check out the Akaso website

Lars is wearing: Hailu Gusho long sweatshirt

Michelle is wearing: Kara Hello Storm embroidered sweatshirt




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