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Suited Up



Something that many of you may not know is that besides of shopping in the menswear collections, I’m also not scared to roam around in the womenswear department.
I’m not really into the idea of pigeonholing. I love it when people express their individuality, regardless of gender roles or expected behaviour.





That’s how I bumped into the collection of My Sunday Morning. Their collection has a strong bohemian vibe, with soft cottons and warm cozy knits. But what really caught my eye were these impeccable suits. They’re more comfortable, relaxed and cozy than the sharp tailored suits from menswear collections.

I decided to try one of their suits on for fun and I was amazed by how the pants fitted me like a glove! Unlike other dressed pants I wore before, these hugged me in all the right places and didn’t make me look like a 10-year old trying on his dads costume.





I combined the vest and pants from My Sunday Morning with my navy blue blazer, to add some sharpness to this soft, woolen look. To top it off I wore my one of a kind Bow pin from Atelier Feliz Lathouwers. She’s a friend of mine who makes fine jewelry from gold and silver. You definitely need to check out more of her work at





Lars is wearing:  JOEY wool vest & TED wool pants – My Sunday Morning // Tshirt – American Apparel // Blazer – Modern Essentials by David Beckham for H&M // Pin – Atelier Feliz Lathouwers // Watch – Daniel Wellington // Dean View glasses – Polette // Sneakers – Nike

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