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Happy Pills

We always get excited whenever we discover creative talent from our own little country, Belgium. The first thing we saw from jewelry designer Jasmien Witvrouwen was a cute, little seahorse pin. We were curious to see more and she surprised us with the rest of her fun collection. That’s why we couldn’t be more happy to share the unique story behind Happy Pills.

Happy Pills is about a feel good story, although it all started out on a less bright note.
Jasmien is a young, creative lady who never sits still. 2 years ago she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and gastroparesis. This diagnosis hit her like a bomb. Her life is with ups and downs now, but Jasmien decided to embrace the little things. Those small, but magical moments that make life worth living. She turned her life upside down and that’s how the project ‘Happy Pills’ was born.



She started out making little earrings with ornate funny spells like ‘Kiss my ass’ (a hidden message to her former employer) and ‘No more Tinder’. Wearing these little stories in her ears everyday were her savior. You can get through a boring meeting at work while wearing a ‘Shoot me’ -earring and a matching miniature gun -earring. Somebody’s being rude? Give them a secret middle finger wearing ‘Kiss my ass’ -earrings. These are little ways to get through the less fun parts in life and turn them into something positive. For Jasmien it was also helpful to place her disease and get her life back on track.


‘Happy Pills’ are here to make people smile and brighten up the boring days.
Jasmien knew she wasn’t the only one experiencing a ‘down moment’ every now and then. That’s why she created the ‘Draw your own’-tool. On her webshop you can create your own ‘Happy Pill’ with a personalized message and  a matching charm.

The fun thing about the collection is that everybody can identify with the spells. People project their own meaning or experiences on the jewelry pieces and that way they invent their own story. Michelle adopted a cute seahorse earring as a sidekick to channel her inner little mermaid. Lars opted for a gun pin to show off his street credit 😉


Future mom-to-be’s better keep their eyes open for the upcoming ‘Find Out boxes’.
Let the world know you’re expecting a baby boy or girl with a personalized gift including a pink or blue pearl.

In the eyes of Jasmien the world will never be a boring place!

Wanna make up your own fairytale?
Make sure to visit and check out the rest of her cute collection!

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