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Nike Air Max Day



Today’s a special day, we’re celebrating the birthday of the legendary Nike Air Max! It’s blowing out 30 candles! This iconic sneaker was born 30 years ago on 26 March 1987.
What made this sneaker into a cult classic is the addition of a translucent air cushion into the shoe sole.





On Nike Air Max Day we do not only celebrate the birth of this sneaker, but we also celebrate the people who wear it. The sneaker has made an evolution from the sport school to the closets of many people and has ultimately become a fan favorite.
Through subtle changes, different models and colorways the Nike Air Max has become the perfect sneaker to highlight the uniqueness of the wearer.





This sneaker is not only a sports symbol, but has become an icon of the streets. Fashionistas all over the world love this sneaker for its ability to add some boldness to every outfit. To celebrate Nike Air Max Day, Zalando made a cool timeline with 4 generations showing off their unique style while wearing their favorite pair of Nike Air Max sneakers. Check it out on:





We got super excited to pay tribute to the iconic Nike Air Max. We wanted to share our own take on how we wear this sneaker. We combined it with sporty elements and smart, dressed up pieces. this mix ‘n match of different styles makes it into an interesting and daring outfit. Michelle opted for the classic Nike Air Max, in a cool but subtle colorway. Lars is wearing the revamped Nike Air Max 95, which has 2 extra air cushions in the sole. This urban location is the perfect setting for the Air Max Birthday party. Are you gonna come celebrate with us?!




Lars is wearing: Sneakers – Nike Air Max 95 // Jacket – New Look // Trousers – YOURTURN // Glasses – Polette

Michelle is wearing: Sneakers – Nike Air Max // Jacket – Vero Moda // Jeans – Even&Odd // Sunglasses – Polette





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