Month: June 2017

Watch me!

In this blogpost we’re bringing you into the ticking world of William L  and combined our favorite timeless piece with a classy daily wear look. William L. 1985 brings classy watches that are timeless, have a high quality and are affordable for everyone. The watches are very eye catching and quite masculine. But when you like something eye poppin’ on your wrist even if you’re a girl, just check their website, we bet you’ll find the perfect one. Michelle is wearing the Vintage Style Chronograph which has a beautiful white back and brown leather strap, the perfect accessoire for summer. She combined it with her flared trousers and a poofy white shirt. With a playfull Clavin Klein necklace and soft pink bag a fresh new summer look was created.   Lars chose the grey Vintage Style Chronograph which has a super summer vibe. The coolest thing about Lars’s new watch? His personalized back detail! For this post he wore his Maison Margiela jumpsuit, his Raf Simons x Adidas baby’s and gave his outfit a color pop …

Denim days

    Summer’s in the city and having a closet filled with perfect summer clothes is a must. I always find it hard to find dresses that are comfy and well, fabulous. I fell in love with this stunning and super comfy dress from Twinset. I can wear this dress in Summer and even when it’s a little colder. Lately i’m picking out every denim piece that I can find, I think i’m my denim fase, again. Not only does denim fit perfect with everything that’s in my closet but I really love the color on me. In this post I combined the perfect maxi denim dress with a waist belt from Maison Margiela, in this way my waist gets a little more attention. Perfect denim dress, CHECK. Summer plans, CHECK. Good weather, well most of the time..     Michelle is wearing: Dress – Twinset // Sunglasses – Salvatore Ferragamo // Heels – Kendall + Kylie // Belt – Maison Margiela    Photography by Liss Awouters

Disneyland Paris 25

    Disneyland Paris is celebrating it’s 25th birthday this year! What better reason to pay the famous park a visit? Let me start by telling you a little secret: I’ve never been to Disneyland before! As a kid I spent years of dreaming about going to Disneyland, but it never happened. Untill now! My wish finally got granted and I couldn’t be more excited to rediscover my inner child.     Together with my blogger friends and our photographer we woke up early to catch our TGV from Brussels to Paris. With all our chatting and laughter we were there before we even realized! By arrival we checked in at the beautiful New Port Bay Club Hotel. After putting on some Disney-appropriate outfits (Hey, we ARE fashion bloggers for a reason 😉 ) we were ready to discover the park!     I was truly amazed by how pretty everything is inside the Disney park. It’s fun to see everything you know from your beloved Disney movies come to life in real life. One …