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Disneyland Paris 25



Disneyland Paris is celebrating it’s 25th birthday this year! What better reason to pay the famous park a visit? Let me start by telling you a little secret: I’ve never been to Disneyland before! As a kid I spent years of dreaming about going to Disneyland, but it never happened. Untill now! My wish finally got granted and I couldn’t be more excited to rediscover my inner child.





Together with my blogger friends and our photographer we woke up early to catch our TGV from Brussels to Paris. With all our chatting and laughter we were there before we even realized! By arrival we checked in at the beautiful New Port Bay Club Hotel. After putting on some Disney-appropriate outfits (Hey, we ARE fashion bloggers for a reason 😉 ) we were ready to discover the park!





I was truly amazed by how pretty everything is inside the Disney park. It’s fun to see everything you know from your beloved Disney movies come to life in real life.
One tip when you’re visiting Disney: take a break from all the attractions to see the Disney Stars on Parade. To be honest, as an adrenaline junkie who wants to try every roller coaster I wasn’t that excited to take some time off to watch the parade. But boy, I’m happy I did! My mouth fell open with amazement when I saw the first float passing by. It was by far the most amazing and magical moment of the entire day!




More into action than into magic? Then you should visit the Walt Disney Studios Park.
Here you can find some of the most amazing roller coasters, The sky isn’t the limit anymore. My favorite attraction, BY FAR, is the Hollywood Tower Hotel aka. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Be prepared to get the ultimate adrenaline rush by falling down 13 floors in the faded glory of this spooky hotel.





I could go on for hours about this amazing trip, but to end, here are some insider tips:

  • Hungry? – Go to one of the all-you-can-eat restaurants in the park, with a big variety of food. Just be careful going into the attractions with a full belly ;)- Get a breakfast for champs at the New Port Bay Hotel. They serve the most rich, delicious breakfast. You won’t be feeling hungry for a long time!
    Btw, keep your eyes open, you might see Mickey Mouse passing by while sipping your orange juice.- Have dinner at Walt’s. Enjoy some authentic food in the most luxurious and magical setting.
  • Wanna Relax? – Dive into the pool or get sweaty in the sauna at the New Port Bay Hotel. For the sporty types there’s even a fitness.- The beds in the New Port Bay Hotel are like small pieces of heaven on earth. crawl up under the blankets, hug your pillow and take a little nap. It’s Disney magic at it’s finest!- Enjoy the sun while taking a relaxing walk around the lake behind the New Port Bay Hotel. You’ll feel as if you are walking in a park in America somewhere.
  • You can easily take a shuttle bus from your hotel to the Disney parks. But by foot it’s only a 15 minute walk that takes you through the cool Disney Village.





All pictures are made by the talented photographer Irmy Coeckelbergs. Make sure to check out her page and give her a like!



Lise | @lisedesmet

Irmy | @jesuisirmy

Noémie | @noemiewolfs

Anne-Catherine | @annecatherine_cloclo

Dries | @driesvriesacker

Jonathan | @jonthegold

Jan | @janvaneldere

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