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Home inspo!

2018 is going to be the year that team Goldfetch moves into new appartments.
It’s super exciting and we can’t wait to share our new places with you guys!

The most fun part about moving into a new place is searching for new furniture that fits perfectly in your new home. During the lasts months we went crazy on Pinterest and found the inspiration we need to make our new appartments a into cozy and beautiful places.

We both want to create a bright place, with lots of whites. But it shouldn’t look to clinical so the cozyness is a very important factor. Color poppin’ details, plants, fluffy accesoires and cool art are a great help to create that cozy vibe.





It’s important when people walk into your home they see your personality. Therefor it’s important to find pieces that you really like and that can be used for years. We both already collected a big stock of decoration that we can use. So we’re super excited to start decorating the minute we get into our new houses and tho show each other what we’ve done with our new place.

When it comes to big furniture like a sofa, closets, tables,.. we think it’s important to wait untill your moved in. Then you can take measurements and you can buy everything in pieces and see if it really fits in the room. It’s no crime to buy some bigger pieces every few months, it makes the process more fun and personal!

So stay tuned if you wanna see more of our future homes soon!




All pictures find on Pinterest

xo Michelle & Lars

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