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#VINTER time!


Aaah the holidays, some are not very into it but I love it! Everything around me looks way more cozy then it did before and I love that I can spend so many cozy nights with family and friends. There’s always something to celebrate, rather it’s Christmas party number 3 or one week of holiday vacation. I just love #VINTER!

Wonder how I decorated my Christmas table? Scroll down to check all the details!


Ikea also loves to celebrate and that’s why they made a collection to make your “Christmas decoration” dreams come true. From Christmas lights to the coolest plates, this collection is so beautiful. What I love most about the #VINTER collection  is the fact that you can use most of the products not only during the holidays but all year long!

I picked a set of structured plates, in small and large. I loved that my small and large plates have different structures, this makes it more playful, so I did the same thing with my bowls. Cool right?


I don’t want my table decoration to be to colorful,  so to make it a little more ”Christmas” I added red elements. Little red napkins with a gold holder, candles, some cool Christmas themed storage boxes and glasses with a red xmas flower. Don’t you think it looks cozy?
I’m pretty sure that there are even more items that you’d also really love so go and check  the full collection,

I hope everyone had lovely holidays and even if you’re not in the Christmas spirit anymore, Ikea is always a good idea.

Have fun decorating!



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