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How to make a small room look big!

YAY! I recently moved into my new apartment, including a super cool new roomie, and I couldn’t be happier!
It took us a lot of Pinterest hours and browsing through interior magazines to get our new decoration on point. I want to show you guys the end result of my new, cozy home. In this post I’m taking you on in a tour of my new bedroom.

I’ve always lived in houses with spacious bedrooms, but this one is way smaller. So it was quite tricky to decorate, but I’m very happy with how it turned out. I didn’t want to randomly stuff my room with chunky, large, but necessary furniture, so I used some tricks to make my room look bigger.
Ready? Let’s do this!




A room always looks bigger when it’s painted white. This color goes with every interior style and is ofcourse timeless. That’s why white furniture is also the best option to use, I really didn’t want a minimal interior so I created a great combination between whites and colorful details.



As a crazy fashion girl I needed to get the perfect closet. But what a big bummer, I have too many clothes that would never fit into my new room. Tip: divide your clothes into seasons and switch your clothes every season.


Most of the times a closet is a big, bombastic piece of furniture. But I found the perfect, open closet at IKEA. I got an ELVARLI closet. Because it’s an open closet in which you can see the clothes hanging, you get a more spacious and bright feeling which makes the room look bigger! I also love the fact that you can decorate the closet with your bags, scarfs, plants,.. and make it look super personal and cozy.

A great tip for this ELVARLI beauty is that you can compile it all by yourself, considering your own needs. Just visit the IKEA website and create the open closet that is perfect for you.






Another piece of furniture that takes in most of the space in your bedroom is the bed. What makes a bed look really huge? The frame. So I said “Bye bye!” to that frame, to make my bed appear smaller.



I picked the perfect bed for my room, in which you can not only sleep, but which you can also use for storage. No need for extra closets to store stuff, just keep your essentials in the drawers underneath the bed. This makes the NORDLI bed not only super comfy, but also extremely useful. And I just won A LOT of storage space. High five to IKEA for this wonder bed. To make my bed look more cozy I added a BIG pile of pillows to snooze in.



When I got to the point of decorating, my biggest priority was to create a cozy feeling. I already had the perfect eye catcher with my blue velvet pouf and added some depth by combining it with two cool TILST carpets. The carpets also have blue details, so it was a perfect fit.



Plants are a total must when it comes to creating a great interior. They bring in the life in your room. I already bought a few, but there’s many more to come!

It took me a long time to find to find out what to do to fill in the empty space in front of my bed. But I found the perfect little YPPERLIG wooden bench. I Put some candles, plants, paintings,.. on it and this minimalistic bench turned into a master piece.


So here’s a little recap for my three most important tips to make your room look bigger:

1. White colors are a must, not a fan on minimal interior? Use colors in your decoration.

2. Find the perfect open closet, it’s open and bright and doesn’t fill up your room.

3. Choose a bed without a front or back, in this way you win a lot of space.

I really hope I helped some of you out with these tips to make your room look bigger. I gotta say, for me it really worked and I’m so happy with my new room!



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