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Atelier Feliz

Lately we’ve been obsessing about all the pretty handmade jewelry from Atelier Feliz! So we couldn’t wait writing a blog post about her. Let us give you a small introduction: Feliz (1993) is a young jewelry designer from Antwerp. She studied a bachelor of jewelry design at Sint Lucas Antwerp. After she graduated last year she decided to bring out her own collection. Feliz likes to work with everything pretty, so it’s no surprise beauty is very important to her. She takes her inspiration from nature and plants, like modern classics as the Cactus or the Monstera Pertusum. Or she makes your home town or favorite travel country into a jewelry piece by using their outlines, so you can wear it on your skin as a map. (in the pictures you can see the outlines of Antwerp) Every single piece is completely handmade by Feliz in precious materials like silver and gold. Be sure to check out her Facebook and Instagram!   All pictures are by Michelle Serdons       Advertisements


Corten is an ecologically friendly chair designed by Michelle Janssen. Michelle recently graduated as a Master in Interior Design at the University of Antwerp. She manufactured the frame from one metal tube that she got at a factory. Therefor the length of the production process was double as fast than normal and there were less welding points needed! By making these choices it was possible to create a chair that costs less than €10 in the purchase of raw materials. PLUS it’s 100% ecological! Except for  the ecological friendliness there are other important functions of Corten, such as the material used to bind the open, steel frame together. She searched for materials strong enough to hold the force of the open structure (which was found through a company in Belgium that annually produces 7.5 tons of conveyor waste)   Interesting side note: This company has to pay to deposit their waste abroad. So Michelle realized  that their ‘waste’ was a gold mine for her, and she could gather all the materials to get Corten realized. Throughout the development process Michelle …


One of the things we are very excited about to share with you guys are creative and talented designers/artists! That’s why we wanna introduce you to inspirational people who really take design to a next and personal level! PJ MARES  is definitly one of those incredible designers! If you are searching for a timeless interior piece  PJ MARES is the brand to go to! The two creative minds behind this amazing brand are Peter-Jan Scherpereel and Tom Mares. They are inspired by materials that become more beautiful by age ( marble, leather, wood,.. ) which turns their furniture into timeless pieces! PJ MARES believes that spaces are meant to be completely adjusted to the people who are living in them. That’s why they make custom designs for every space, which gives you the chance to have a stunning and perfectly fitted PJ MARES piece specially made for you!          Michelle discovered PJ MARES while making pictures for them during her internship at Oona Antwerp. When we first saw their designs it gave us a 70’s vibe, but with …