We always keep our eyes open for new designers that intrigue us with their unique vision. This time is no exception! We like to take you into the world of Kontour Design.

Kontour Design was founded by Benedicte Verbraeken and Erno Dierckx and is a full on Belgian brand. Read more…

Roomin’ is an online interior design platform where you can get inspired by different designers and create your dream home! It’s a little bit like Pinterest but you don’t only get inspiration, you also get the full story of your favorite designers and every picture is especially chosen by the Roomin’-team. Read more…



Let us give you a small introduction: Feliz (1993) is a young jewelry designer from Antwerp. She studied a bachelor of jewelry design at Sint Lucas Antwerp.
After she graduated last year she decided to bring out her own collection. Read more…



Corten is an ecologically friendly chair designed by Michelle Janssen.
Michelle recently graduated as a Master in Interior Design at the University of Antwerp.
She manufactured the frame from one metal tube that she got at a factory. Therefor the length of the production process was double as fast than normal and there were less welding points needed! Read more…


If you are searching for a timeless interior piece  PJ MARES is the brand to go to! The two creative minds behind this amazing brand are Peter-Jan Scherpereel and Tom Mares. They are inspired by materials that become more beautiful by age ( marble, leather, wood,.. ) which turns their furniture into timeless pieces! Read more…