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H&M Denim United

H&M just launched their new Borderless campagne, this time they made a unisex collection ”Denim United”. We love the fact that this line can be worn by every gender and there are no limitation to your personal style. This unisex collection has a big 90s vibe with oversized pieces and a worn look. It’s right on trend and perfect to add to your Spring wardrobe. We can not forget to mention that this line is fully made of sustainable materials, how amazing is that? 


H&M really wanted to step out of the box with this line, that doesn’t know gender. And we think they succeeded, the thought of woman and men wearing the same outfits makes us happy. It’s not because you’re a boy or a girl that you can not wear clothes from the opposite gender, everybody should be able to wear whatever they want. Thanks to H&M we are one step closer to this gender taboe.

With so many cool pieces, it was hard to decide which one to pick. So we created our own cool combo! Wanna go crazy too? Just check the H&M website and find your perfect Denim United combo.




Lars picked a super cool light denim jacket, perfect for Spring weather and a great piece to add to every outfit! Ladies, this one is also for you! This jacket was combined with a white t-shirt and the light denim shorts that fit perfectly in combination with the jacket.
To finish his Spring denim outfit Lars wore his Filippa K socks, fresh new Fila sneakers and killer sunglasses from Polette Eyewear!




For Michelle’s outfit we went more basic with a must have jeans  which can be worn at every occasion and with every weather! On top of these denim trousers Michelle wore the Uni t-shirt  a perfect basic that is a most in everyone’s closet. And just like Lars’s outfit, all these items can be worn by men and woman! With the perfect white heels and some awesome shades from Salvatore Ferragamo a cool basic spring outfit was created.







Photography by Liss Awouters

Nike Air Max Day



Today’s a special day, we’re celebrating the birthday of the legendary Nike Air Max! It’s blowing out 30 candles! This iconic sneaker was born 30 years ago on 26 March 1987.
What made this sneaker into a cult classic is the addition of a translucent air cushion into the shoe sole.





On Nike Air Max Day we do not only celebrate the birth of this sneaker, but we also celebrate the people who wear it. The sneaker has made an evolution from the sport school to the closets of many people and has ultimately become a fan favorite.
Through subtle changes, different models and colorways the Nike Air Max has become the perfect sneaker to highlight the uniqueness of the wearer.





This sneaker is not only a sports symbol, but has become an icon of the streets. Fashionistas all over the world love this sneaker for its ability to add some boldness to every outfit. To celebrate Nike Air Max Day, Zalando made a cool timeline with 4 generations showing off their unique style while wearing their favorite pair of Nike Air Max sneakers. Check it out on:





We got super excited to pay tribute to the iconic Nike Air Max. We wanted to share our own take on how we wear this sneaker. We combined it with sporty elements and smart, dressed up pieces. this mix ‘n match of different styles makes it into an interesting and daring outfit. Michelle opted for the classic Nike Air Max, in a cool but subtle colorway. Lars is wearing the revamped Nike Air Max 95, which has 2 extra air cushions in the sole. This urban location is the perfect setting for the Air Max Birthday party. Are you gonna come celebrate with us?!




Lars is wearing: Sneakers – Nike Air Max 95 // Jacket – New Look // Trousers – YOURTURN // Glasses – Polette

Michelle is wearing: Sneakers – Nike Air Max // Jacket – Vero Moda // Jeans – Even&Odd // Sunglasses – Polette





Cap Blanc-Nez

As team Goldfetch we love to inspire people with our own take on fashion and style. But every now and then we feel the urge to create a story. Something that escapes our daily lives and goes on to live a life of its own.

For this visual story Lars joined forces with photographer Elien Jansen. Together with their team they went on a road trip to France to shoot at the idealistic Cap Blanc-Nez.

This is the story of a free-spirited woman, pictured in a fairy tale setting in the wild nature. She’s entering the last days of Winter, with the sun trying to break through the grey clouds. Spring fashion combined with warm layers to fight off those last cold days.



Oversized padded jacket – Monki, EUR 146 // cable knit sweater – Lost Ink, EUR 64 // Jeans – & Other Stories, EUR 69  // coral earrings – & Other Stories, EUR 25


Oversized padded jacket – Monki, EUR 146


Cable knit sweater – Lost Ink, EUR 64 // fringed skirt – Julia June, EUR 199 // ribbed knitted skirt – Maison Scotch, EUR 89,95 // patent ankle boots – New Look, EUR 46,65 // coral earrings – & Other Stories, EUR 25


Beige coat – Filippa K, EUR 480 // feathered stola – vintage // grey top – Uniqlo, EUR 19,90 //  ear cuff – Swarovski, EUR 249


Beige coat – Filippa K, EUR 480 // feathered stola – vintage // grey top – Uniqlo, EUR 19,90 // pants – Wolford // buckle mules – London Rebel, EUR 53,33 // ear cuff – Swarovski, EUR 249


Faux fur coat – Asos // grey top – Uniqlo, EUR 19,90 // pleated skirt – Uniqlo, EUR 29,90 //  choker – Christa Reniers, p. o. r.


Tulle skirt – Asos, EUR 66,67 // mohair jumper – Lost Ink, EUR 45,33 // rose bag – Patrizia Pepe, EUR 158 // ear cuff – Swarovski, EUR 249


Tulle skirt – Asos, EUR 66,67 // mohair jumper – Lost Ink, EUR 45,33 // rose bag – Patrizia Pepe, EUR 158


Tulle skirt – Asos, EUR 66,67 // mohair jumper – Lost Ink, EUR 45,33 // rose bag – Patrizia Pepe, EUR 158 // ear cuff – Swarovski, EUR 249 // ankle boots – & Other Stories, EUR 145


Faux fur coat – Asos, EUR 126,66 // printed wide leg trousers – Asos, EUR 53,33 // caramel brown vest – Patrizia Pepe, EUR 268 // lila cami top – STYLENANDA, EUR 37,33 // sandals – Dr. Martens, EUR 145 // gold choker with crystals – Swarovski, EUR 249 // knitted choker – property stylist


Faux fur coat – Asos, EUR 126,66 // printed wide leg trousers – Asos, EUR 53,33  // sandals – Dr. Martens, EUR 145


Faux fur coat – Asos, EUR 126,66  // caramel brown vest – Patrizia Pepe, EUR 268 // lila cami top – STYLENANDA, EUR 37,33  // gold choker with crystals – Swarovski, EUR 249 // knitted choker – property stylist


Long dress – Claudia Sträter, EUR 149 // shirt – Liu Jo, EUR 118,80 // sweater – Julia June, EUR 73,80 // fanny pack – NONA Handbags, p. o. r. // choker – Calvin Klein, EUR 160

Photgrapher: Elien Jansen
MUA: Kirsten Voets
Model: Nya Mattheessens


Fashion Fever




You guys may have seen it on my social channels, but I’m happy to say that I’m a Hunkemöller ambassador! A few weeks ago the sweet ladies from team Hunkemöller asked me what I would wear to Fashion Week. And most importantly what would to wear underneath it?
When I think about the fashion weeks I see everyone expressing themselves with their favorite clothes. I’ve sadly never been able to go to a fashion week, but if I would go I would pick out my favorite pieces and strut my stuff. So if I can’t go to the fashion weeks, I’ll bring them to me! I’m wearing my favorite blue shirt from Zara, I’m crazy about this piece. It’s classy but with a twist and you can combine it with everything! My Levi’s jeans is my best buddy and I love the bigger fit.




Thanks to Hunkemöller you don’t need to overthink what you would wear underneath your outfit. Especially for this occasion Hunkemöller created the Fashion Week collection! How cool is that? Because you can’t see what’s underneath my clothes, I made a flatlay with my fashion week favorites!




I’m in love with bralettes, so I went totally crazy when I saw the perfect purple bralette. It has the most beautiful details on the back and the front looks even more stunning!
You can never have to much bralettes, so ofcourse I took two bralettes home. A black one is always a good choice. Normally when I come home after work, the bra goes off. But with a bralette that’s not the case! It’s way too comfortable! Don’t always wear it so nobody can see it, you can create a classy outfit by showing your bralette underneath a cool blazer en some high waist pants. Perfect for a night out!

Don’t forget to check the Hunkemöller website to find out what your favorite Fashion Week item is!






Michelle is wearing:   Shirt – Zara // Jeans – Levi’s // Scarf – New Look // Hat – New Look // Shoes – Zara

//   Photography by Liss Awouters  //


Happy Pills

We always get excited whenever we discover creative talent from our own little country, Belgium. The first thing we saw from jewelry designer Jasmien Witvrouwen was a cute, little seahorse pin. We were curious to see more and she surprised us with the rest of her fun collection. That’s why we couldn’t be more happy to share the unique story behind Happy Pills.

Happy Pills is about a feel good story, although it all started out on a less bright note.
Jasmien is a young, creative lady who never sits still. 2 years ago she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and gastroparesis. This diagnosis hit her like a bomb. Her life is with ups and downs now, but Jasmien decided to embrace the little things. Those small, but magical moments that make life worth living. She turned her life upside down and that’s how the project ‘Happy Pills’ was born.



She started out making little earrings with ornate funny spells like ‘Kiss my ass’ (a hidden message to her former employer) and ‘No more Tinder’. Wearing these little stories in her ears everyday were her savior. You can get through a boring meeting at work while wearing a ‘Shoot me’ -earring and a matching miniature gun -earring. Somebody’s being rude? Give them a secret middle finger wearing ‘Kiss my ass’ -earrings. These are little ways to get through the less fun parts in life and turn them into something positive. For Jasmien it was also helpful to place her disease and get her life back on track.


‘Happy Pills’ are here to make people smile and brighten up the boring days.
Jasmien knew she wasn’t the only one experiencing a ‘down moment’ every now and then. That’s why she created the ‘Draw your own’-tool. On her webshop you can create your own ‘Happy Pill’ with a personalized message and  a matching charm.

The fun thing about the collection is that everybody can identify with the spells. People project their own meaning or experiences on the jewelry pieces and that way they invent their own story. Michelle adopted a cute seahorse earring as a sidekick to channel her inner little mermaid. Lars opted for a gun pin to show off his street credit 😉


Future mom-to-be’s better keep their eyes open for the upcoming ‘Find Out boxes’.
Let the world know you’re expecting a baby boy or girl with a personalized gift including a pink or blue pearl.

In the eyes of Jasmien the world will never be a boring place!

Wanna make up your own fairytale?
Make sure to visit and check out the rest of her cute collection!

Feelin’ FENTY



In this blogpost we’re channeling our inner Rihanna and we really went for it. What we love about RiRi? She is smokin’ hot, has an incredible fierce style, has no care in the world and she’s our future best friend. We adore her Fenty x Puma collections, so here’s to you Riri!
We love to play with different kind of styles, so it was so much fun to do this cool and laidback shoot!  With to die for bombers, some Fenty pieces and killer glasses we felt our inner Riri growing.




Talking about Fenty x Puma, Lars finally got his hands on some awesome black velvet creepers (after dreaming about them for ever)! He combined them with black trousers and his Weekday puffer jacket. We really love the oversized puffer jacket trend, the bigger the better! Perfect to look a little more bad ass. To give his outfit the perfect finish Lars’s wearing his pink Polette sunglasses. Keep your eyes open for these see-through sunglasses, it’s gonna be such a big hit this summer! Find your favorite at!




Michelle got some bomber lovin’ during sales and got lucky with scoring this amazing khaki bomber from H&M Conscious Collection.  If you don’t know what to wear underneath a bomber, you really can’t go wrong with jeans, a sweater and a pair of sneakers. Michelle combined her new to die for Fenty x Puma sweater (that she won thanks to our fellow blogger  Enface’DL ) with her leather trousers and her favorite black boots. In search for some new sunglasses Michelle also found her newbees at, she’s wearing the Dean. They are available in all kind of colors!




Michelle is wearing: Khaki bomber- H&M / Leather trousers- Zara / Black sweater – FentyxPuma / Leather boots- Zara / Sunglasses –

Lars is Wearing: Puffer Jacket – Weekday / Black Trousers – Zara / Creepers – FentyxPuma / sunglasses –


❄ ❄




Temperatures have been dropping heavily, so now is the perfect time to take all my winter coats on a stroll through Antwerp.

In this post I combined high-end brands with high street brands. I like to mix and match things up a little, cause let’s be honest I don’t have the budget (yet) to wear a full designer outfit. Therefor I try to buy good pieces whenever I can.

Since a few months I have a new lover: my purple Wim Bruynooghe bag. Yes, I’m in love with it. It’s a little see through and fits perfectly with all my outfits. It’s a cool thing to support your local designers, so you really need to check out this amazingly talented and inspirational Belgian designer!

This military inspired green coat from Primark is the ultimate addition to my coat collection. When wearing it, it makes me feel like a girl boss but feel classy at the same time. To spice up my outfit I put on my new fluffy leopard scarf from Urbancode London.






Michelle is wearing: Green coat – Primark / Leopard scarf – Urbancode London / Bag – Wim Bruynooghe / Grey sweater – Zalando / Black boots – ASOS / Black jeans – H&M / Gold ring – Swarovski 

A Glass Affair




We’ve  both been wearing glasses for most of our lives. But lately we’ve been experimenting with all kind of different types of frames, colors and sizes.

A pair of glasses can be an amazing accessory. It’s the perfect finishing touch to add to every outfit. So pick a pair that works perfect for you and think about you wardrobe!





Our go-to website is They have so many cool frames in different materials and colors, the options are endless. We’re sure that you’ll find your perfect pair. Or go crazy and pick not one but two (or more) pairs, cause honestly we can never choose.

We both opted for round glasses. Michelle went edgy with the Adonis White in white and gold, while Lars chose for a more classical version of the Calvin Brown with brown tortoise.

Why Polette? Because we can’t survive with just one pair of glasses. we love to have different options everday and change our glasses depending on our mood. Polette  offers you the perfect combo between quality and low prices.

The perfect love affair!




Lars is wearing: Calvin Brown Glasses – Polette / Pile Bomber Jacket – Weekday 

Michelle is wearing: Adonis White Glasses – Polette / Jacket – H&M


Silky Day Dream





Every morning we have the same struggle: leaving our warm and cozy beds and enter the cold, hard world. The idea to wear your sleepwear as daily wear makes it already a lot more bearable to leave our beds and start the day. They say fashion knows no comfort, but in this case you’ll have more comfort than ever. It’s no wonder we are smitten with the pyjama sets from The Cocoonalist.

Lars is wearing the silk red pants and the cotton mandarin collar shirt with COS sneakers and finished his outfit off with gold – Dean – glasses from Polette eyewear. With the eye catching red pants (we can’t stop staring at them… ) you can create a classy look with a shirt or a more laid back one if you combine it with a cool t-shirt.
If you find the red color a little to eye poppin’, wear a more low key color. There are enough cool pyjama sets on The Cocoonalist website.







Michelle is wearing an even more colorful combination from The Cocoonalist. The purple with ivory piping silk pyama set. We loved this set because its colors are so bright and beautiful. With an eye catching outfit like this you shouldn’t go too crazy with accessories, so it’s better to keep it low key. Michelle matched her pointy black loafers and a black silky top to create a booming outfit. To make the outfit complete she wore her gold – Noah – aviator glasses from Polette and her Nimzu jewelry.

We wore pj’s from head to toe but you can also combine every piece from this outfit with other daily wear. For example: you can wear Michelle’s blouse with some cool jeans or combine Lars’ shirt with some classic dressed pants.

Sweet dreams!







Lars is wearing: Bottom + top – The Cocoonalist // White sneakers – COS Stores // Watch – Daniel Wellington // ‘Dean View’ glasses – Polette // Jacket – Vintage per Kilo 

Michelle is wearing: Bottom + top – The Cocoonalist // Black top – H&M // Loafers – Zara // Jewelry – Nimzu // ‘Noah’ glasses – Polette

Goldfetch x Strellson



Now that the temperatures are heavily dropping it’s time to hang those lovely fall coats back in the closet and bring out the heavy winter gear. Like every year I get slightly bored with the options I already have and feel the need to add a few cold weatherproof- updates. So I couldn’t be happier than when Strellson asked to help me find some ultimate winter essentials.





Strellson offers tailored wear for business minded men. They’re best known for their sleek design and classic approach. Clear lines, with a clear brand DNA. They offer formal wear, but with an edgy, urban twist. It’s fashion for the corporate boys who wanna be recognized by their own, unique and creative view, while still respecting the rules. The Strellson collections are designed in Switzerland and made in Europe.





I opted for a blue/black plaid jacket (stepping out of my comfort zone here, since I’m rarely seen wearing prints) in combination with a heavy knit turtleneck sweater for a formal, but cozy look. I immediately fell in love with the black leather backpack, and it’s the perfect witty twist to add to this outfit. In stead of going for a more casual vibe with adding sneakers, I opted to toughen my look with these blue WeberHodelFeder boots. Lastly I tried to look a bit smarter with my ‘Dean View‘ glasses from Polette 😉




Lars is wearing: Coat – Strellson // ‘Will’ turtleneck sweater – Strellson // ‘Scott’ leather backpack – Strellson // Pants – Zara // Boots – WeberHodelFeder // ‘Dean View’ glasses – Polette